Friday, April 13, 2012

Jermalism: Subvertisements

The Subvertisements series was a natural extension of the Statements. Whilst decorating and commenting upon a landscape rife with advertisements, it was impossible to not critique them, and to modify and subvert them. Corporate agendas in the form of widespread advertising is a plague that continues to spread rampantly. It is impossible to escape having these agendas shoved down your throat in every nook and cranny of our urban environments. As we started our jermalism street art project, we immediately adopted similar strategies utilized by large marketing firms: building brand recognition, repetition, image control, insidious presence, and so forth. The difference is that street art doesn't ask anything of you. With street art, there are no multi-million dollar marketing firms researching psychological warfare tactics and inserting subliminal messages with corporate agendas. Street art can be interpreted by the passer by at his or her own leisure, or can be ignored. While many forms of street art may be illegal, much of it is much more innocent in it's substance and agenda than that of the advertisements that are legal, sanctioned and supported by governments. To sum it up, the constant bombardment of advertisements piss me off.

i am the product.

text message

anatomically corrected


hello my name is jerm and i'm an alcoholic


so you dance can you think

material girl



...i am the product
...that is the question

I'M NOT LOVIN' IT supersized

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