Tuesday, April 27, 2010

death scrolls

...thats just what we do with our lives

last night i sat and made four pieces, in preparation for this mornings mission in PoCo with Open5. the first piece i made, which i didn't put up, is a Neitszche quote. it reads... "in heaven all the interesting people are missing."
for some reason i stuck rigidly to that theme of death with the three poetry scrolls that followed.

if i should die before i wake...


edit: the Neitzsche quote went up the next day...
Friedrich Nietzsche quote

Monday, April 26, 2010

shedding skin

last thursday jerm found himself in an abandoned factory along the fraser river in south vancouver, for hours, with his homies Vegas and Open5. the razor blade lips seen in the first photo were sprayed by Vegas, dozens of them. the last photo is of the character done with aerosol and acrylic by Open5.

...i'm a product...

eye nose

...a tribe called question mark


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

when depression sets in.

when depression sets in.

this poem was written 5 years ago, yet it describes perfectly how i felt as i awoke yesterday morning. manic-depression is not as fun as it sounds. i have trained myself to interpret my manic states as "happiness", but depression is still a monster that haunts me. to this day, this is the best that i can describe what that sudden transition feels like.

edit: nice to wake up this morning and see this on Wooster Collective.
Wooster Collective