Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the jerm IX tattoo project update

the two newest tatts inked to my skin were designed for me by tanha (a1one), from tehran, iran.
i have long been fascinated by his work, so rich in culture and style.
on my outer left calf is a1one's jerm sword of zolfaqar.
on my outer right calf is a1one's jerm shield.

a1one's jerm sword of zolfaqar (tehran, iran)

a1one's jerm shield (tehran, iran)

since the ruling government cut the internet completely in Iran i haven't spoken to him in days. he has been utilizing his street art and photostream to share what is happening as the people peacefully resist, and some are dying for it.
my heart is with you and yours tanha.
a1one quote

designs in the works or ready to go from thesis sahib, galo, killer gerbil, boredmonkeylove, jef aerosol, basco5, beanie, buff monster, tosco, BISERama/the teeth project and many many more. thanks to all the artists, it's been a great journey so far. stay tuned.