Monday, March 29, 2010

V-TARP submission call

V-TARP The Vancouver Transit Ad Re-appropriation Project - Installation 1 - Vegas & jerm IX

Along with my partner Vegas , i would like to extend an invite to any and all to participate in V-TARP, which stands for the Vancouver Transit Ad Re-appropriation Project. All of the info is available on the V-TARP blog. Check it out, then email for the ad dimensions and the address.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a1one - Iran to Van

the art of deception

i am proud to be putting up a1one's work in Vancouver and humbled and honoured to collaborate with him. much more to come. A better shot of the piece above by Vegas was featured on

i love you

a1one is one of my very favorite artists. his work is so rich with style and culture. refreshing, mesmerizing, fascinating. here are the tattys he designed for me.

a1one's jerm sword of zolfaqar (tehran, iran)

a1one's jerm shield (tehran, iran)

Friday, March 12, 2010


jerm IX feature in ION magazine.
click on the photo to read the article.
death becomes him - jerm IX feature in ION magazine #63

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hello my name is jerm and i'm an alcoholic


i'm not the go to meetings sober and drink 6 coffees kind of alcoholic, i'm the just got back from the liquor store kind of alcoholic. alcoholism comes up a lot in my writing process, i was entrenched in it right from birth. in fact, my middle name Aaron, was derived specifically from the acronym AA. my parents split up shortly after i was born and my mom eventually remarried a man who was once my sperm donor father's AA sponsor. i have been a daily pot smoker for over 20 years, since before i graduated elementary school, but it has never been an issue, just a seemingly natural part of the day. ganja has never caused me harm or raised danger flags to me. alcohol however, is capable of destroying me, i'm becoming all too well aware, yet still mixing those rum and diet soda water concoctions. i don't know why i feel inclined to further expose this shameful truth, but i do. it is the one personal issue that i discuss regularly in my work that is not merely trapped in the past or from a reflective perspective. it's a war i'm still in, and it doesn't seem like i'm fighting a very good fight. honestly, i'm very afraid of sobriety.