Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Yours, Take It! Vancouver

the set-up
on saturday may 2nd on the stairs of the vancouver art gallery, our city's epicenter for art and culture, over a hundred pieces of art were given away free to an excited and overjoyed public. with the help of my wife ninja IX and fellow street artist indigo, we collected works from mostly street artists all over the world, as well as locally for this free event. it was an overwhelming success and within twenty minutes of starting the event almost everything was gone to a seemingly happy home. everyone was photographed with their chosen piece and a huge can check out photos of the event by clicking on one of these photos and checking out the IYTI Vancouver photostream.

starheadboy (seattle, usa)

Jacque Lynn Davis (st. louis, usa)

christian nicolay's life preserver (vancouver/kelowna, canada)

here are a few of my submissions...
jermalism newspaper box

jerm IX & ninja IX's vandalisn't legal notice

jerm IX & ninja IX (vancouver, canada)

on the heels of such a successful event greeted with such excitement and passion by vancouverites of every demographic, i have decided to go forth immediately with planning the next IYTI Vancouver event, which will take place in late summer or early fall, depending on submissions.

IYTI Vancouver 2 - reused & recycled...
will be a themed show and all artwork must fit the simple criteria of including a component of reused or recycled material.
trash to treasure. there are no limitations to how this can be done...paint on cardboard or a pizza box, instead of throwing it out...make flowers out of plastic bags...mixed media sculptures...paint records or bottles get the idea.
think big, social commentary and brand disloyalty are encouraged.
trash to treasure.
instead of a landfill, a loving home.

if you would like to participate, email me at
to learn more about the origins of IYTI or other host cities around the world copy and paste this url...

and remember...

jerm IX