Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hunting For Rabbit: The Cameraman Documentary

In February of 2011, I wrote a blog post about a novel that was coming to life, called THE BLUE LIGHT PROJECT, by legendary Canadian author and dear personal friend, Timothy Taylor. This book wasn't about street art. It was about a hostage crisis and a city under siege. To me, it was about our interconnectedness and the dire importance of art and new images and ideas. One of the three main characters, was however, a street artist.

I will be forever inspired by the lengths and depths that Timo went to in researching the real life street art community and it's main players in order to bring the character of Rabbit to life on the pages of The Blue Light Project. He reached out into the street art community in Vancouver and bravely and respectfully entered our world. He became one of us. And he brought us all closer together.

As Timo was researching and writing the novel, the street art scene continued to blossom. It was a special time, and we could all feel it.

And then this happened...

Hunting For Rabbit: The Cameraman Documentary