Thursday, January 28, 2010

confessions of a street artist

...a family friend's pet

""i have spoken out a few times on the street about having been molested, and have been blessed to have inspired others to share their story with me.
i am constantly trying to find closure but can't seem to stop making variations of this confession. it's who i am apparently. no matter how far i run or how honest i am, i will always be that little kid, the victim, at that moment of innocence lost. stenciling, wandering, pasting, wondering, suffering, all i really know is that i need to continue screaming what i've always been afraid to whisper."

cascading confession

cascading confession

the sky's the gimmick. the ground's the limit.

over the edge and into the rock bottom

confessions of a street artist

it's not like it wasn't me...

Friday, January 22, 2010

hippitty hoppety

i'm an underground hip-hop junkie, i always have an emcee in my ear.

"i'm a product of rap, so i give it back
in the day i was rapping over everyone's tracks
just getting practice, no passion for passin' a class
or getting cash on the ave with these typical cats
the gift of gab and a love for the dj when he scratch
when i rap you can read it like you've seen it in graf
we can laugh now about emcees repeating the past
don't pop ya colla, dust ya shoulders off or lean back
ya see rap wasn't meant to be regurgitated crap
but the fact is commercialism's germinating wack
and these rappers are acting impersonating that
so you'll find me in the underground cause that's where i'll be at."

-jerm IX

Bogota Stencil Art Festival 2010

Bogota Stencil Art Festival 2010 flyer

pleased to have been invited to participate in the Bogota Stencil Art Festival in Columbia, just sent a pack out, here is one of the pieces that is on it's way out. should have more pics soon. mad love to my South American homies.
for the Bogota Stencil Art Festival in Colombia

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


to whom it may concern

rock bottom

that's all i really want to say about it right now.
been putting this blog off for a long time and now that i'm sitting here all i can say is that i don't feel like talking about it. we all have excuses for everything.