Thursday, December 31, 2009

blast from the past

in the process of organizing photo files, caged animals, buffed but not forgotten ups. thought i'd share a few of the ones that made me laugh...

pudding d's where t's should be 2

Carpool Tunnel Syndrome

atention to detail

i'm not lovin' it.

shhh....we've encountered a payphone in it's unnatural environment


row vs. wade

if my mother wasn't so religious...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

free jerm inc. packs - don't buy now!

JERM INC. more than just a fake company (free jerm inc. packs)

as CEO of jerm inc., i am pleased to announce that we are expanding the geographical parameters of our street art marketing campaign. hundreds of these messages have now been printed and are being sent out to secret jerm inc. operatives throughout the globe. each pack includes a recipe for a non-invasive water-based cellulose paste, for adhering the pieces. pasting is not necessary however, the pieces can be put up with tape, thumbtacks, glue or any other method imaginable.

if you would like a pack of these messages to decorate your world, email me at

include these details in your message or email.
your address and the city or country you are decorating.

all packs now include 3 copies of each banner seen here.

all packs are free or by donation to jerm inc.

please if possible, email any photos you get of the banners to

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


up to this point, all of our work has been hand-made with permanent markers (or spray paint) and stencil letters on paper and stickers. i have no plans or desire to abandon this format, however, it is very time consuming. so last night we stenciled six jermalism words onto 8.5 x 11 inch paper and made 100 photocopies of each page, and sliced them into banner form. simple.
each word is intended to provide a commentary on site specific environments or objects in the urban space, much like the 'endangered species' pay phones, 'bill bored' billboards (and the 'for rent' benches, which were also photocopies, inspiring this new approach).
These copies give me the opportunity to focus on creating larger scroll pieces, while still having unlimited ammo for the streets, no longer bogged down with the little things.

journalisn't, vandalisn't, materialisn't, feminisn't, capitalisn't & badvertising, are the slogans we started with, then we walked for hours, as usual. here is a handful of ups from the first night...

more to come...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

give a man a marker...

i have recently been riding freights and greyhounds around Vancouver Island with some L.A. homies and chilling with ninja, as she is currently working in a hospital in the Cowichan Valley.
luckily my iphone had just enough life left to get this photo, post it on flickr and send it to Marc at Wooster Collective before it went all john doe on me. by the time i found a place to charge my phone, the piece was on wooster and my email was bananas. the daily what called me 'the thinking man's vandalist' and some other blogger added 'the poor-man's Banksy', both made me smile, been called a lot worse. i wrote this rhyme a while back and found it in a scrap pile, or a pack of files, i forget. i still haven't quite worked it into a song, but i'm working on it. the photo was taken on the beach at Maple Bay, on Vancouver Island.