Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Official release of Jerm Warfare

Jerm Warfare CDs

Today, May 1st, 2012, is the official release date for my debut album Jerm Warfare! To celebrate this, every 9th CD order processed from jerm-IX.ca before midnight ET tonight will be packaged with a free Jerm Warfare tee shirt!

Digital downloads of Jerm Warfare are available at MicReach Records and iTunes.

Jerm Warfare is quite dark, it is comprised of ten underground hip hop songs that take the listener on a journey through my past and into the present. The theme of Jerm Warfare runs throughout, playing out as an introspective audio autobiography of a man battling self, in an attempt to become a better person today than he was yesterday. The songs were produced by Metty The Dert Merchant of Sweatshop Union and Mark Nazemi for Solid Bass Productions. Many of my street art scrolls were sourced directly from these song lyrics. My heart and soul went into this record, and it is truly a part of me. I wouldn't be the man I am today if not for releasing these dark thoughts and deep secrets into these songs.

Here are the first two singles.

   Glass House by jerm_IX

   Everything I Touch by jerm_IX

jerm IX's debut album Jerm Warfare will be officially released on May 1st, 2012!

And here is a breakdown of the songs.

1. Reborn
The album's opening track Reborn is a third person account of jerm's personal history, from early childhood into his teenage years, reflecting on feelings of self hatred and thoughts of suicide.

2. Religious Inexperience
Religious Inexperience is a fast paced lyrical rant rife with sarcasm and angst, focusing on a lack of understanding of religion and spirituality.

3. Inner Sniper Rifle Type Device
Originally titled Jerm Warfare, Inner Sniper Rifle Type Device is an aggressive battle with self. In this track jerm uses metaphors to go to war with himself, in an attempt to kill off detrimental parts of Jeremiah and become a better man today than he was yesterday.

4. I Never Finish What I Star
We are all one. We are all made up of the same organic material and we are all interconnected. The actions of one affect the outcome for all. We share the same energy. In this song, jerm reiterates that connection by implying that he was a long list of historical figures in past lives, with both positive and negative impacts on our world. He then brings us to the modern day, sharing what it has been like to live as jerm IX.

5. National Anthem
National Anthem is dedicated to the Native peoples of North America. It is an apologetic song about white guilt and an acknowledgement of the realities of post colonization still affecting Native communities to this day.

6. Everything I Touch
Originally titled Jerm Warfare 2, Everything I Touch is the passionate and aggressive follow up to Inner Sniper Rifle Type Device, continuing the battle with self.

7. Still Sick
Over a thumping beat, MIC-Ill Castro of Sunz of Sunz and jerm IX take contrasting approaches on Still Sick, to convey just how sick they really are.

8. Take It Apart & Play With The Parts
A straight 5 minute rant accompanies a fast paced drum and bass beat and showcases jerm's wordplay and lyrical abilities. This track is all over the map, but at times touches on some deeply personal issues.

9. Glass House
With a softer vocal delivery, jerm continues the journey of Jerm Warfare over a mesmorizing piano riff, leaving behind the themes of war and battling self in favour of shedding layers of unwanted skin and embarking on a new quest of self discovery.

10. Maybe
Maybe is the albums closing track, a resurrection of the opening song Reborn. After releasing and letting go in the songs that came before it, jerm came back to this beat with a fresh perspective, closing the album on something that is very new to him, a positive note. The future is a blank page.

Jerm Warfare tees now available on my new site...

Order today for your chance to snag a free Jerm Warfare tee shirt.

Jerm Warfare tees now available on my new site...

Many thanks to those of you that pre-ordered the album, and to those of you that continue to show support. I can't thank you enough. Videos are now in the works for a couple of the tracks, which is very exciting. The future is a blank page.

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