Friday, April 13, 2012

Jermalism: Journalisn't

While reading the newspaper or watching the news, how many times have you found yourself yelling at the news anchor, or verbalizing frustration aloud? The Journalisn't series was my response to this feeling of frustration and anger. Instead of commenting on blank stickers and pages on these issues that irritate me, I took my voice and my markers straight to the source, the newspapers themselves, commenting directly on the topics addressed on the front page or on articles within.

abortion clinics

i hope you don't get tasered

Is your iPOD breaking the law? 

olympic pillage

religious inexperience

Wheat-paste masterpieces (i'm not sorry)

DEBT perception

vice hesitant

lipstick on a pig


barack to the future

upset, what would al gore do... & relish


post no bills. feminisn't.

fall st. - what would adam smith do...

politically incorrection notice

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