Sunday, July 26, 2009

direct quotes

the direct quotes series was initiated about 18 months ago, purely out of the love for certain rhymes by sage francis, el-p and others which are etched into my grey matter. these were statements that i strongly identified with, so much so that i was compelled to put them in the street as part of my jerm inc. campaign.

el-p quote

sage francis quote

over a year went by after the first small batch went up, which included the pieces above, as well as quotes by al jourgensen of ministry, krs one, aesop rock and homer simpson. we sporadically put up a handful of other quotes by jenna jameson, kurt cobain, sole and ill bill, before coming to the realization that their was a lot of power in using someone else's voice. placed in the right location, certain quotes tend to evoke a particular emotion. in the last two months, we have put up over 30 direct quotes, usually attempting to place them in areas that allow for the viewer to be reflective or provoked.

click on any photo and then click on the 'direct quotes set' tab on the right, to view the entire set.

princess diana quote

chuck palahniuk quote

elvis presley quote

roger waters quote

paris hilton quote - socrates quote

mike tyson quote


amy logan said...

I really like your direct quotes series. Their placement -- by rivers, on dumpsters, in forgotten corners -- is poetry.

Anonymous said...

i love this. would you be upset if someone was copying this, even if they didnt try to seem like they were you?