Friday, April 13, 2012

Jermalism: Direct Quotes

The Direct Quotes series began with slapping up a couple of quotes on stickers from underground hip hop songs that stuck with me. Immediately after, I was inspired to add new voices to the jermalism campaign in the form of direct quotes from everyone from Princesss Diana and the Dalai Lama to Mike Tyson and Charles Manson. While the names themselves carry a certain amount of sway and familiarity, the quotes were all quite profound in their own ways, and speak volumes once pasted up in the urban environment

sage francis quote

el-p quote

homer j. simpson quote

howard zinn quote

Friedrich Nietzsche quote

eva peron quote

jim morrison quote

arthur erickson quote

vincent van gogh quote

ted bundy quote

kool keith quote

roger waters quote

mao quote

henry rollins quote

hunter s. thompson quote

charles manson quote

tupac shakur quote

ken foster quote

ill bill quote

eminem quote

flavor flav quote

oprah winfrey quote

john lennon quote

cage quote

maestro fresh wes quote

neil young quote

banksy quote

dalai lama quote

a1one quote

chuck palahniuk quote

pablo picasso quote

jello biafra quote

bill gates quote

mike tyson quote

kurt cobain quote

P.O.S. quote

the empress's new clothing

the empress's new clothing -centrefold poster (jenna jameson quote)

sole quote

paris hilton quote - socrates quote

martin luther king jr. quote

elvis presley quote

princess diana quote

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