Wednesday, April 11, 2012

jerm IX - Everything I Touch (Second single available now on itunes)

jerm IX - Everything I Touch (The second single is available now on itunes)

Everything I Touch is the second single to be released from my debut album Jerm Warfare, which drops in full on MicReach Records on May 1st, 2012. Both singles are available now on itunes, check them out here or by clicking the cover image above, which was a collaborative design between myself and Biafra Inc.

This second single release, Everything I Touch, was produced by Metty the Dert Merchant from Sweatshop Union. The song was originally titled Jerm Warfare 2, and was instrumental in carving out the direction of the record's overall theme of Jerm Warfare, which is essentially a battle with self. In contrast to the first single, Glass House, which was fairly mellow by my standards, Everything I touch is a much more aggressive song, continuing with themes addressed in previous songs from the record, and using war and suicide metaphors as tools in the battle with self, killing off parts of myself that are deemed detrimental to Jeremiah eventually killing off the jerm and becoming a healthier and happier man.

The first single was released earlier in the month, it is called Glass House. Again, click here or on the cover image below to check it out on itunes.

jerm IX - Glass House (Single now available on itunes)

Jerm Warfare tees, hoodies, and physical copies of the cd will be available for order on my new website, which will be up and running by the release date of May 1st, 2012. Digital copies will be available on itunes. Myself, and a small street team have just recently begun pasting up hundreds of promo posters across Canada. Stickers and many more posters to come. Thanks to everyone that continues to support me, inspire me and love me. I love you too.

Jerm Warfare album promo poster

Jerm Warfare album promo posters

Jerm Warfare album promo poster

jerm IX debut album promo poster

jerm IX debut album promo poster

jerm IX debut album promo posters

Again, thank you for your support. I am beyond excited to finally share this record with the world. It truly was a cathartic experience to write and record this album, and to address the issues that have plagued me my entire life in such a healthy straight forward and honest outlet as hip hop. There is no question, I came out the other end of this battle with self known as Jerm Warfare a much stronger and better man than I was when I began this journey. From where I stand today, it would appear that the next album will be much more positive, but none of this positivity would be possible without recording Jerm Warfare. This is where I came from. "The future is a blank page, I'm opening the present."

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