Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Abandonment Issues: McCarrell Farm As Is

Somewhere, Ontario

Let us take a walk together, shall we?

Its nice to meet you, we find ourselves walking up a long winding driveway on a county road on the southeast outskirts of Peterborough, Ontario. We've already met and exchanged pleasantries, shared a few laughs, parked and walked in past the real estate sign that lists the property for sale, and the NO TRESPASSING sign that first caught our attention. I told you what I knew about the property at the same moment that an iphone google search of the address and the real estate firm told me. $160,000. 50 acres with farmhouse, barn and quonset hut, as is. Landfill adjacent. Property, well, septic and structures being sold as is...further fine print.

McCarrell Farm As Is

And here we are, exploring the McCarrell farmhouse, not uttering a single word to each other.

Abandon men tissues
abandon men tissues

The kitchen is closed
the kitchen is closed

12 YRS BRAD 07
12 YRS BRAD 07

Liv in groom
liv in groom

Bee yourself
bee yourself

Mirror mirror on the floor...
mirror mirror on the floor...

Well hung
well hung

Child's World & Nature's Children books
Child's World & Nature's Children books

A Convenient, Up-to-date and Comprehensive Medical Guide for the Layman
A Convenient, Up-to-date and Comprehensive Medical Guide for the Layman

Love on the Rocks
Love on the Rocks

Bedroom shovel
Bedroom shovel

Going down on the McCarrell farm
Going down on the McCarrell farm

None of us bother venturing into this basement due to the overwheming odor
"The world is made of plastic." -Kool Keith

We walk outside and share another laugh, it is not for me to repeat who says what. We wander into the barn and the fierce wind rattles the barn boards on the ceiling, some of them loose and clapping hard against the support beams.

Garage bland
garage bland

Truck stop
truck stop


Holy floor
holy floor

Behind the barn, the quonset hut has collapsed. Hopefully you are willing to accompany me through this space age wreckage, even with the 35 km per hour winds rocking the structure to and fro.

See you on the other side
"See you on the other side." -Ozzy Osbourne

Science friction
science friction

Deep space 9mm
"Deep space 9mm" -El-P


Tremors II: Aftershocks
Tremors II: Aftershocks

We take one last look back at the house
"...He's a good Canadian boy!" -Don Cherry

Until next time my fellow explorer, this is where we part ways.

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Devon said...

People are now living in this house... I worked at the farm surrounding this property and went inside a few years ago.