Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Abandonment Issues: Ramara 8 Brechin House

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In September 2011, Ninja and I came across the Ramara 8 Brechin House on our way to Awenda Provincial Park, where we spent a week camping and exploring the area. Most notably on this trip, we explored RCAF Edgar, Project Turnaround, and St. Joseph's Hospital in Parry Sound.

The Ramara 8 Brechin House was well hidden in the dense forest at the end of a muddy driveway, with a disintegrating couch sinking into the collapsing concrete porch out front. Most of the ceiling tiles had fallen, and the roof had rotted out. Outside the back door, an early addition had collapsed, blocking entry or exit. Plants were growing on the muddy bedroom floors, and the green carpet on the stairs had been reduced to threads. The DC Comics wallpaper above the plant life in the child's room and the remaining furniture were the only interesting remnants left inside this house that was in an extreme state of decay.

Ramara 8 Brechin House
Ramara 8 Brechin House

A warm welcome
a warm welcome

Poppin' chairy
poppin' chairy

Goodnight vision
goodnight vision

Green carpeted stairs
green carpeted stairs

Christmas in Semptember
Christmas in September



marvelling at the wallpaper

Brechin the law! Brechin the law!
Brechin the law! Brechin the law!

The great outdoors
the great outdoors

Oscar the couch
Oscar the Couch

A shitty little shed is abandoned across the road, not even worthy of the mention I just gave it. However, amongst the long grasses in the expanse of the property behind the shed, I found an old sopping wet 20 dollar bill, which I dried out on the dash and spent on Appleton Estates Jamaican Rum, which was one of my sauces of choice for years before I sobered up in late November, 2011.

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