Wednesday, March 14, 2012

jerm IX Tattoo Project: Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2

Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2

From Here To Fame has recently published and released Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2, a second, and much more comprehensive book exploring the transition that graffiti writers are making into the tattoo world. It is a fantastic book, highlighting over 60 incredible artists spanning a wide range of styles that go far beyond the tribal designs and traditional sailor styles.

I was more than happy to oblige when contacted by From Here To Fame about featuring my tattoos in Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2. The following is the excerpt about what I have labeled the jerm IX tattoo project that appears in the book.

"I always knew that I would be covered in tattoos. It was the one and only thing that I ever admired about my biological father. At age 16, I almost got a pot leaf dude smoking a joint on my arm, thankfully I didn't. It wasn't until I was 30 years old that I found something that I was passionate enough about to ink it onto my skin. Street art changed my life, and to celebrate that I decided to donate my body to street art. My skin became a canvas for select street artists from around the world. The goal of the jerm IX tattoo project is to celebrate these amazing artists in a somewhat less ephemeral nature than the streets allow. Each artist is asked to create a custom design in their respective style that incorporates a part of who I am. Sometimes a part of my life story is being told subtly, other times, a beard or other features are added to a character design, bringing me to life in the worlds that these artists create, and that I am so fascinated by. It is an absolute honour to wear these images on my skin and I have unending respect for every artist that has contributed to the jerm IX tattoo project thus far, not just for the free designs, but for each individual artist's incredible body of work."

Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2 - jerm IX Tattoo Project

Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2 - jerm IX Tattoo Project

Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2 - jerm IX Tattoo Project

In future jerm IX Tattoo Project posts, I will highlight one design at a time and share the significance and stories behind them. More importantly, I will shine the spotlight on the bodies of work of these amazing artists, many of whom I am blessed to call friends.

All of the inked images can be seen here.

All that is left for you to do now is go and buy a copy of Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2.

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