Tuesday, May 18, 2010



jerm IX & Vegas collab.
photo also by Vegas.

"as Banksy decorates North American cities co-inciding with the release of his film, and the media follows and reports each stencil in every city he hits, we can't help but feel that Vancouver was overlooked by Banksy and his people. we wanted to communicate this invite directly to Banksy, as well as make the point that there are a handful of innovative and unique street artists in every nook and cranny of these cities that Banksy is hitting and it is a shame that the media is focusing in on one british artist, and not showing the same adoration and support for their own local talent. for example, with all of the attention placed on Banksy's trip to Toronto, there was no mention whatsoever of artists like Poster Child or Fauxreel, or any other Toronto artists that play a large role in the street art world. In every city, this intregal part of the story is simply not being told.

to do this, we decided to rework Banksy's classic balloon girl image, in our depiction the girl is now a woman, and she has released the balloon in lieu of pasting up this BANKSY WASN'T HERE banner."

-jerm IX

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