Monday, August 25, 2008

cascading living room (i can't stop)

cascading living room

the last few days have been spent wrapping everything that's not nailed down with fragments.
i'll be taking this approach to the urban environment in the next few months.
it has been very cathartic to immerse myself in this project, i'm just not ready to let go.

ccf shelf
ccf shelf

the cascading confession was originally conceived and created for the TEXT-BASED THROWUP THROWDOWN. after accepting a friendly challenge from fellow street artist ANDREW01, ninja and i created this 8 and a half foot by 5 foot piece as the background, sub-text layer. my intention was to cover this layer up with banners, which i did, partially hiding the message.
it wasn't until after i had come clean on the city streets that the piece really hit me.

i'll go back to that in a future blog.

peace and love

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